1950 — In February, Mrs. George Martens starts Sherwood’s first "newspaper," The Sherwood News, which is produced by volunteers and distributed freely in the city until 1972. In April, a campaign for Sherwood give to up its status as a town begins but is unsuccessful. On Sept. 6, Sherwood creates its own volunteer fire department.

1951 — On Sept. 22, the Sherwood Fire Department receives its first fire truck.

1953 — On Jan. 8, the Sylvan Hills Masonic Lodge is instituted under dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Arkansas.

1956 — Sylvan Hills High School is established.

1959 — The first graduating class of Sylvan Hills High School, comprised of 101 students, graduates.

1964 — The Sherwood Voice newspaper begins as a grocery flyer and is published by the Anderson Family.

1965 — In September, Harry Hastings, Jr., charters the First State Bank of Sherwood, Arkansas.

1966 — In November, Sherwood receives it own post office. The Sherwood Post Office is located in a building leased from Dee Jay Hudson at the corner of North Hills Boulevard and Highway 107. Wirges Dairy is closed after the death of John Wirges, Sr.

1967 — On Jan. 6, First State Bank of Sherwood opens for business. Construction on the new Sylvan Hills High School is completed.

1971 — On Oct. 27, The North Pulaski Chamber of Commerce is started. In 1987, the Chamber’s name would be changed to the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce.

1973 — Sherwood’s first public library is opened in the former City Hall on March 14.

1976 — Sherwood celebrates America’s 200th birthday. Rosa Cummings designs and sews Sherwood’s first city flag. Ailene Duran writes Sherwood’s first history book, "The Signs Say Sherwood." The Sylvan Hills community is annexed by Sherwood.

1981 — The City of Sherwood purchases its first computer— a Cromenco System III manufactured by Texas Instruments.

1985 — The U.S. Postal Service opens a new postal facility located on Wildwood Avenue in June.

1987 — The Sherwood Rotary Club is chartered on Nov. 18 with 25 members.