David R. Fox is the new President of St. Vincent North located in Sherwood.

Fox replaces Tim Osterholm who accepted a position as Vice President and Chief People Officer at St. Vincent.

In addition to his responsibilities as President of St. Vincent North, Fox is a member of the St. Vincent Health System strategy team and President’s Council.

He was most recently Vice President, Clinical and Emergency Services at Baptist Health in Little Rock.

Fox, who grew up in Jacksonville, earned a bachelor’s degree in general science at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway and a master’s degree in Business Administration at Oklahoma City University in Tulsa. Fox began his healthcare career as a nuclear medicine technologist. He has served in leadership positions at Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo and at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa. His list of healthcare accomplishments includes leading strategic and quality initiatives, overseeing large capital projects, patient satisfaction and enhancing relationships with physicians.

Fox is affiliated with the American College of Healthcare Executives and serves on the board of directors of the American Healthcare Radiology Administrators Association.

His philanthropic, community and charitable activities include the American Heart Association Arkansas Heart Ball, the Salvation Army, United Way, Catholic Charities, St. Joseph’s House, Upward Children’s at local churches and the American Red Cross.

Fox said hundreds of thousands of Arkansans would be touched by national healthcare reform. He added that the St. Vincent Health System would play a significant role in providing desirable care for many in the state.

"The healthcare industry has evolved in numerous ways. Today’s health care system is not only complex, it is significantly different from ‘what it used to be’," said Fox. "The American health care system has not only undergone drastic changes within the last 40 years but also continues to evolve, with complexity in advanced equipment and technologies, as well as pharmaceuticals, devices, implants and improvements in overall qualitative medicine."

Fox said the challenges to these advances and improvements have been the associated cost for these improvements and advancements in medicine.

"This has driven cost significantly up which has contributed to an unsustainable payment model," said Fox. "Of course, the most recent push to reform has focused on the access to quality care, and the financial models of how exactly to assure healthcare coverage for the uninsured or underinsured, while reducing cost."

Fox said the St. Vincent Health System is committed to providing access to care for the citizens of Arkansas and improving the quality of care, the patient experience, as well as lowering the cost of care.

"The impact of this evolving healthcare industry will require St. Vincent to be strategic and purposeful in achieving these goals while supporting its charitable mission."

Fox was asked what impact does he see the Affordable Health Care Act will have on St. Vincent. He responded, "The complexity of providing qualitative care, expanding coverage to include everyone, and eliminating unnecessary cost is enormous for any group to undertake. At St. Vincent, we’re focusing on what we can do to meet the demands of healthcare reform while remaining viable so that we can continue to provide high quality healthcare at an affordable cost for patients, ensuring that we have a high quality network of hospitals, physicians and clinics to meet the needs of the communities we serve and that we remain true to our mission to provide healthcare to the uninsured and underinsured."

Fox added, "We’re also focusing on having a cohesive leadership team."

Fox said he sees improvements planned at St. Vincent in the future.

"Although nothing specific (is planned) at the moment. However, improvements in infrastructure and physical plant, as well as equipment and technologies are all essential to remain both competitive and relevant, to better serve our community, as we move toward the creation of healthier communities to truly fulfill our mission today and into the future."

Fox is married to Kristie and they have seven children. He and his family are parishioners of Christ the King Catholic Church in Little Rock where he has served as confirmation director since 2007, and was elected to the parish council in 2013.