Residents in unincorporated areas outside of Sherwood who are opposed to be annexed into the city limits have submitted a petition to the city urging officials there to reconsider their desire to annex them.

On Monday, some of those residents said they were not given the opportunity to speak and address alderman during the regular September meeting of the Sherwood City Council.

One of the residents in the outlining areas, Ron Reagan, said he was extremely frustrated that he wasn’t given the chance to address the council.

Reagan said he does not want to be annexed into Sherwood.

"They didn’t’ even let me get on the agenda," Reagan said.

On Monday, Phil Stowers, a Pulaski County Quorum Court member representing District 13, sent a letter to Sherwood aldermen and expressed concern that some of the people in the outlining areas of Carr Cove – commonly known as Kellogg Acres and Oakdale-Mine Road – should be given the opportunity to not be within the municipal limits of Sherwood.

In a letter to aldermen, Stowers asked Sherwood city officials what action they had taken to address the concerns of impacted residents.

"Was there an attempt to communicate with the residents of this area and to seek their consensus of annexation prior to consideration of the annexation ordinance?" asked Stowers. "I understand that this may not be a requirement of law; however, in the spirit of cooperation and public relations, it would seem prudent to seek input from the citizens potentially affected and to allow their voices to be heard as part of the process. Otherwise it can be perceived as a hostile takeover."

The Sherwood City Council in August passed ordinances to place before voters the prospect of annexing several unincorporated areas bordering Sherwood into the city limits. The ordinances will be on the Nov. 6 general election ballot.

Stowers added, "It appears that this matter first appeared on the Sherwood City Council agenda for the Aug. 27, 2012, meeting of the council and was passed under an emergency clause with three readings in one night rather than being read over a three-month period. Was this a true emergency? If the intent all along was for this to be on the November ballot, why was this ordinance not first introduced at the June council meeting in order to allow time for discourse and public input over a three-month period?"

Stowers said Sherwood city officials should consider seriously the petition given to them by frustrated residents who don’t want to be annexed.

"At this time a petition has been presented to the city of Sherwood on behalf of the affected residents stating their opposition to this annexation," according to Stowers. "It is my understanding the petition was signed by an overwhelming majority of the affected residents. If the majority of the citizens of this area are currently opposed to being annexed I would respectfully ask that you rescind the annexation ordinance, actively engage the affected citizens in open dialogue, and only move forward with this annexation at some point if it is the general consensus of these citizens to be a part of the city of Sherwood."