Dear Editor

What has gotten into the city planners of Sherwood? Have you gone tree demolition crazy?

First it was Indian Bay and Brockington, then Kiehl and Lantrip, and now Kiehl and Brockington. That corner probably had history with the early development of Sherwood. Huge trees were destroyed for the sake of a commercial site. Trees destroyed for another serviced station? Like we need another as there are three within a mile of each other, plus one across the street from this lot.

I thought Sherwood planners would try to preserve some of these old trees but no they have to cut them down and leave bare lots. All for what? Money??? When I left the other day three or four of the large ones were left and when I came back by two hours later they had been cut down, Kiehl and Brockington.

Hope others are upset with this destruction. Declare a moratorium on large tree cutting before Sherwood is a bare, treeless city with huge concrete lots. Trees make Sherwood unique.

Sharon Oneil