Sherwood Voters:

With a final and deciding vote by the mayor breaking a four to four tie vote by the aldermen these annexation orders were adopted. Three aldermen told us they think what the council has done in these proceedings isn’t right. Two aldermen told us they didn’t know these ordinances were going to be voted on that night. All this was kept a big secret. Is this an obstruction to justice?

A member of the Pulaski County Quorum Court has asked Sherwood to rescind these ordinances. We are not in a state of emergency. We can’t find anyone who has asked to be annexed. Sherwood has known for years they were going to try to annex us; no hurry there. As far as defining their borders, they are taking the land west of Kellogg Rd. and north of the Village East subdivision. What do they mean defining their borders? They are already defined with us outside them.

We are truly concerned about the future growth of Sherwood and the metroplex area. The residents of Oakdale Road are also concerned about the safety of their grandchildren as well as their own. Oakdale Road has already been four-laned at the Highway 107 intersection. Brockington Road started out as a two-lane road. A parkway corridor in conjunction with North Little Rock has been talked about that will take part of our shallow front yards.

In a brief discussion with the city engineer we illustrated how two curves could be eliminated from our existing road and this corridor brought smoothly to the north of our properties on the proposed North Belt Freeway right of way. The North Belt Freeway has been a disappointment causing problems for the city of Sherwood, developers, and the people for 40 years. Oakdale Road residents didn’t create these problems and don’t want them solved by having our safety jeopardized.

We prefer a country style of living. We like to burn leaves and dead trees. We like having horses, cows, pigs and chickens. We like to build barns and sheds, houses and fences without having permits, restrictions, regulations and inspection. We prefer less police presence. We want less government, not more. We want to keep our property rights. People buy and build in our communities to be out of the city. We simply don’t want to be annexed. Living outside the city is one of the ways we pursue our happiness. Don’t forget the heroes who have given all defending our country and protecting our inalienable rights. Please vote against these annexation ordinances.

Ronald Ragan

County resident outside of the city limits of Sherwood