LISA Academy North held their second Annual "Doughnuts with Dads" event on Nov. 30 where over 495 LISA North dads and children shared some quality time, along with a few Krispy Kreme doughnuts, before they started the workday.

Arkansas Department of Education Commissioner Dr. Tom Kimbrell was the guest speaker. Upon arrival, Kimbrell took a short tour of the school. High school students from the Robotics Team demonstrated their robot used competitions and they demonstrated their STEM projects. The event then started with school personnel introducing the performances of second grade classes. Kimbrell was with a plaque in recognition of his participation. After accepting his plaque, Kimbrell thanked everyone and asked all the students to stand and give their Dads a round of applause for their parental involvement.

Kimbrell reflected back as being a Superintendent’s son and spoke about his personal experiences as a father of two. He commended the dads for their involvement in their child’s education and stressed the importance of its positive effects.