An 18-year-old North Little Rock man was arrested on drug-related charges after Sherwood police were called to the restaurant he worked at on Jan. 24 because he was choking his manager.

Johnny Felder, 18, 5901 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Apt. 904, of North Little Rock was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia after police were dispatched to Wendy’s on Arkansas 107 in reference to a disturbance between an employee and manager.

"Dispatch advised an employee, Johnny Felder had just chokeed his manager, Kimberly Clark, and was still inside Wendy’s making threats to Clark," according to a report written by Officer Danielle Clem.

Upon arrival, police observed Felder inside the restaurant raising his hands and appearing to be yelling at Clark.

"As I entered Wendy’s I did not see Felder," Clem stated.

When police saw him, he was advised to place his hands behind his back to be detained to keep the incident from going further.

"Felder looked at me and tried to walk out the door," Clem said. "I grabbed Felder’s hoodie and again advised him to place his hands behind his back. Felder again looked at me and tried to walk out the door."

Clem pointed her taser at Felder’s mid-section of his back and told him if he tried to fight or run he would be tased.

"Felder then cooperated and placed his hands behind his back," she said.

He was placed in handcuffs and escorted outside to a police cruiser.

Once outside, police ran a background check on Felder and determined he was wanted on a North Little Rock warrant.

Sherwood Officer Craig Grisham arrived at the scene, conducted a pat down, and told Clem he could smell an odor of marijuana coming from Felder’s person.

Felder told police he had a baggie of marijuana and a blunt in his cigarette pack. Police retrieved the baggie from Felder’s left pants pocket. The baggie was sent to the state crime lab for further analysis.

Felders told police Clark began giving him orders to clean.

"Felder stated he became irate due to other employees not pulling their weight and Clark continuously having Felder clean," according to the report. "Felder stated he advised Clark he was not going to do any more work until the other employees began working."

Felder said his manager then pulled off his drive thru headset. "Felder stated he became irate again and advised Clark she wasn’t the only person that could place hands on someone, and approached Clark placing his hands around her neck as if to choke her," the report continued.

Clark refused medical treatment and did not appear to have any marks on her neck, according to the police report.

"Clark stated Felder had become irate with her over cleaning because he believed the other employees were not doing as much work as him," Clem stated. "Clark stated he then began refusing to work and stated how he hated his job. "

Clark said Felder began taking off his headset just as she reached to take it out of his hand.

"Clark stated Felder began yelling at her stating she had no right to jerk the head set off his hand," Clem said. "Clark stated Felder then approached her and grabbed her throat with one hand and began choking her."

Clark told police she didn’t want Felder back on the property.

Fellow employee Mario Waters said he heard Felder and Clark arguing and approached them to see what was happening.

"Waters stated he witnessed Felder approach Clark and place his hand around her neck and begin choking her," Clem reported. "Waters stated he pulled Felder off of Clark and separated the two of them."

Police reported that both Felder and Clark filled out written statements but Waters refused.

Felder was advised not to return to Wendy’s property or he would be arrested for criminal trespassing. Clark was told that a report would be on file and if she wanted to pursue charges, she would need to contact the prosecutor.

"Clark stated she would try to pull security footage of the incident and turn it over to the police department," stated the report.