A 40-year-old North Little Rock man was cited on Oct. 3 on charges of leaving the scene of an accident with injury and careless/prohibited driving after a Sherwood resident told police someone driving a white Chevrolet truck struck his car and then pushed it 50-60 feet in the Eagle Bank parking lot on North Hills Boulevard.

Jerry Crawford, 6209 Pontiac Drive, was also found at fault in the accident which resulted in $4,000 in damage to his 2006 Chevy C-1500 and $8,000 of damage to the 2004 Mitsubishi of Kris Knowlton of Sherwood.

According to a police report filed by Sherwood Officer Craig Grisham, Crawford left the scene and drove southbound on North Hills Boulevard. Knowlton said he was inside the bank when the accident took place and ran outside in an attempt to stop the then-unknown driver. David Waddle of Sherwood said he observed the white Chevrolet truck speed into the parking lot of Eagle Bank. Waddle said the driver was spinning his tires as he entered the parking lot and collided with Knowlton’s vehicle. Waddle said the truck then pushed Knowlton’s vehicle through the parking lot before leaving the scene at a high rate of speed.

Another witness, Christopher Tarkington, of Sherwood, told police that he observed the white Chevrolet truck spinning tires at a high rate of speed and enter into the parking lot of Eagle Bank.

"Tarkington said the vehicle entered the parking lot and he heard a loud noise prior to the truck re-entering North Hills south of Eagle Bank," according to Grisham.

While police were collecting information, Crawford phoned and stated he was involved in an accident in the parking lot of Eagle Bank.

"I drove to Crawford’s residence and spoke with Crawford," Grisham reported. "Crawford said his flip flop had came off his foot prior to his vehicle impacting Knowlton’s vehicle. Crawford said he suffers from schizophrenia and was scared, causing him to flee the scene."

Crawford also told police he left the scene due to injuries sustained during the accident.

"Crawford advised his left foot was bleeding and his right angle was sore," Grisham said. "Crawford apologized for the incident and asked if I would relay the message to Knowlton."

Crawford admitted he was driving the white truck witnesses and Knowlton observed. Crawford’s vehicle had damage to the front and driver’s side.