A 31-year-old Kensett man was arrested on a charge of robbery on March 11 following a felony traffic stop in the Golden Corral parking lot on Warden Road.

Sherwood Lance Mayfield reported Dwight D. Branch was arrested following the department receiving a report that he stole someone’s wallet in Parkcrest Apartments, 100 Manson Road, Sherwood.

"I was dispatched to the area of Brockington Road and East Kiehl Avenue concerning a just-occurred robbery," said Mayfield.

While en route to the scene, Victim Nathaniel Mitchell, 29, of Jacksonville, advised Sherwood dispatchers that he was following’s Branch’s gray-colored Nissan Maxima. He also provided police with the license plate number.

Sherwood Patrolman Kevin Fletcher said he located Branch’s vehicle merging onto Highway 67/167 and he was able to make the traffic stop before Branch got onto the highway.

Mitchell told police he was at Parkcrest Apartments when Branch asked him for some money.

"Mitchell stated he pulled his wallet out to hand him some money and Branch physically took the wallet from his hand, took the money out and then dispensed of the wallet," according to Mayfield. Branch then jumped into his car and fled the scene.

Mitchell followed Branch’s car until police were able to stop him.

Branch had taken $81 in cash.

"Mitchell’s money was returned to him," according to Mayfield.

While Branch was in the Maxima, he was a passenger and not the driver.

The driver, Courtney Wells, of Georgetown, was in the car as well along with her two children in the back seat, Mayfield said. Her children were ages 11 and 5.

"Wells stated she stopped at a gas station in Sherwood (Phillips 66) and went inside," Mayfield said. "Wells stated when she came back to the vehicle she saw Branch talking to Mitchell. Wells stated Branch told her to go to Parkcrest Apartments. Wells stated when they got there Branch and Mitchell began to fight and Branch jumped back into Wells’ vehicle and told her to leave."

Branch told police he met Mitchell at the gas station and noticed Mitchell began to follow him so he pulled into an apartment complex to confront him.

"Branch advised he was alarmed because he had two children with him so he confronted Mitchell about following him," Mayfield said. "Branch stated they did get into a small altercation and Mitchell’s wallet fell out of his pants. Branch stated he took the money out of the wallet and got into the vehicle and fled. Branch advised the money was in a package of bologna in the vehicle."

Mayfield said he found the bologna in the front passenger seat in a plastic bag.

"The money was inside the bologna package about halfway between slices," Mayfield said.