There have been two books written and published about the history of Sherwood, one in 1976 and the other in 2001.

Darrell W. Brown, Chairman of the Sherwood History and Heritage Committee, said the job of learning and revealing more about the city’s history has been a fulfilling one.

"Since we started the Sherwood History and Heritage Committee back in January, we have discovered a lot of new information and photographs pertaining to Sherwood’s history, especially about the Roundtop Filling Station and the Kellogg Silver Mines," Brown said "We are currently working on writing a new Sherwood history book, which will contain all of this new information and more. However, since that will take a while, we wanted to get this new information and photographs out to the public, so we decided the best way to do would be to print and distribute brochures."

One of the brochures is a timeline history of Sherwood and the surrounding area from 1820 to the present. The other brochure is about the history of Sherwood’s most famous landmark, the Roundtop Filling Station. A third brochure about the history of The Greens at North Hills is currently in the works and should be available in the next couple of weeks.

"So far, we have had a great response to the brochures," Brown said. "In fact, a few of the locations we have placed them at have contacted us, because they have run out and need more."

The brochures are currently available at Sherwood City Hall, 2199 E. Kiehl Ave.; the Jack Evans Senior Citizens Center, 2301 Thornhill Drive; the Amy Sanders Library, 31 Shelby Drive; Sherwood Public Library, 510 Sherwood Ave.; Sherwood Chamber of Commerce, 295 W. Kiehl Ave., and National Bank of Arkansas, 9400 Highway 107.

If people would like one sent to them by mail, they can send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Darrell W. Brown, Sherwood History and Heritage Committee, P.O. Box 6256, Sherwood, Ark., 72124.

Brown said a lot of effort is being taking now to promote the history of Sherwood.

On Sept. 24, Sherwood’s first-ever historic marker was erected at the site of the city’s most famous historic landmark, the Roundtop Filling Station.

"The sign was designed and made by Mr. Bart Green of Art Expressions in Gravel Ridge, who donated it to the Sherwood History and Heritage Committee," Brown said.

Brown wrote the text, which explains the significance of the building and what is being done to save it. Employees of the Sherwood Public Works Department put up the sign at the Roundtop location on Trammel Road.

The committee hopes to place markers at other historic sites throughout Sherwood, such as The Greens At North Hills and at the former location of the Kellogg Silver and Lead Mines, according to Brown.