The Sherwood Fire Department held their 2013 Awards Banquet on Jan. 10 at the Sylvan Hills Church of Christ. Attending were firefighters and their families. Awards were given out for special service, lifesaving, and Firefighter of the Year. Capt. Jodie Hartman received a plaque recognizing his work on restoring Sherwood Fire’s Original Fire Truck.

He worked over 100 hours doing the preparation work and painting on the truck. Firefighter Jeannie DeMeyer and Lt. Jason Willis received the Firefighters Cross for heroics and quick thinking in assisting in the rescue of a resident trapped in an apartment fire.

Capt. Cameron Lester received a Life Saving Cross for locating and removing a resident found unconscious in an apartment fire in November. He also was selected by fellow firefighters as Firefighter of the Year for 2013.