The Sherwood Chamber of Commerce is planning a new member benefit starting on Nov. 7.

According to Marcia Cook, Executive Director for the Sherwood Chamber, the benefit will be a professional leads group.

"This is a group of professionals from non-competing businesses that their sole objective is to provide each other prospects or ‘leads’ that they can approach and ask to earn that consumers business," said Cook. "The end benefit to each member of the leads group is more customers or clients. If you are interested in generating more customer or clients, then you or someone from your organization will want to be a part of the leads group."

The meetings will be held every other week on Thursday.

"Our meetings will be in the morning at 8 a.m., at the Chamber. If we can get sponsors, provide some type of breakfast food and drinks," she said. "Meetings will have a duration of no more than 30 minutes."

Each meeting will start with members introducing themselves, detailing exactly what their target prospect is and giving praise for anyone in the group that has provided them a lead at the past meeting(s).

"As this is occurring, everyone will be asked that as they listen, if they think of a prospect that ‘fits’ that member, please, jot that down on your ‘leads form’ (this will be a carbon copy duplicate type form) provided and pass along at the break. This is targeted to last no more than 10 minutes," she said.

There will be five minutes of free time immediately following the introductions to allow the opportunity to exchange leads forms with the member recipient that it fits, turn in their carbon copy of the form to the group leader and have open discussion with members about leads details, success or strategies, Cook said.

Next, each meeting will provide one spotlight member the opportunity to present to the group as an open discussion format with questions and answers lasting up to 10 minutes.

"This will be done on a rotational basis to make certain each member gets the chance to present their product/service," she said.

The last 5-10 minutes, if available, will allow for open discussion/forum.

"Only one person allowed per profession, always making certain there are not direct competitors in attendance. I.e. commercial realtor, residential realtor, commercial banker, residential banker, P&C agent, life & health agent, food service, wholesale food service, retail food service, etc.," said Cook.

Participants must be active chamber members and may take part at no charge.

"The only requirement to stay as a member is to attend 70 percent of the meetings annually and the group feels the member is making a consistent leads contribution to other members in group," Cook said.

"We greatly appreciate D.J. Noland for heading up this project and are excited about this wonderful opportunity for our members," said Cook.

Chamber member D.J. Noland explained the details of the program when the Sherwood Chamber held its regular monthly luncheon earlier in October.