The Sherwood City Council Monday voted to authorize Mayor Virginia Hillman to negotiate a contract for yard waste processing and composing for city residents.

"State Audit has requested the city enter into a formal agreement for yard waste processing and composting services," reads the ordinance.

Through the city’s inquiry with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, three entities were identified as having property state permits to provide the needed services.

"Communication with the three identified entities has resulted in two of the three declining any interest in submitting a bid for the required services," according to the ordinance. "American Composting Inc. appears to be the only entity holding the proper environmental permits that has indicated an interested in a long-term commitment to the city."

The ordinance continues, "Investigation by Sherwood Public Works confirms that American Composting Inc. is the only entity having an interest in such relationship with the city.It appearing that American Composting is the only properly permitted entity that can provide the necessary services, competitive bidding for this type of service is needed not to be feasible or practical and is hereby waived."

The ordinance authorizes Hillman to negotiate and enter into a contract with American Composing Inc. for yard waste processing and composting services.

In other business, the council also approved appropriating $45,447 from the general fund as the city’s share of the contribution toward expenses of the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility.

"The facility has increased inmate capacity by 80 beds and the six municipalities and Pulaski County have reached an agreement regarding funding the expansion," reads the ordinance.

The council also approved a resolution prohibiting the parking of vehicles on the Sherwood city street known as Kamis Alley. The street is located at the 6000 block of Landers Road.

By the council’s vote, the alley is declared a prohibited parking street.

The resolution states as the reason to prohibit the parking due to "an excessive amount of vehicles being parked on the paved area and said street, causing an obstruction to the normal flow of traffic, hindering commercial vehicles from safely using ingress and egress of adjoining businesses and creating conditions favorable for vehicular accidents as well as a danger to the well being and safety of employees, pedestrians or visitors in the vicinity."

Darrell Brown was reappointed to the Central Arkansas Transit Board. His reappointment will continue until Aug. 25, 2017.