The Sherwood City Council on April 22 approved a request to appropriate $90,000 from the city’s street fund to be used to buy paving equipment.

"The Public Works Department is in need of certain paving equipment and the street fund has available funds for the purchase of this needed equipment," reds the adopted ordinance.

The council authorized the department to write bid specifications and to advertise bids for the purchase of an asphalt paver and an asphalt distributor trailer.

In addition, council gave its go-ahead to continue the Sherwood Farmer’s Market another year.

"Vibrant communities offer their citizens a variety of opportunities to enhance the quality of life, and a concentration of activities in a City enhances both the economic energy and enjoyment by our citizens," states the adopted ordinance.

The Farmer’s Market will continue to be in the area at the intersection of Country Club Road and North Hills Boulevard.

"The vacant property located at 119 County Club Road shall have the designation as the Sherwood Market District Farmers Market," according to the ordinance. "The City shall designate administration and operation of the Farmers Market to the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce, the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce Office of Economic Development, and their designates."

The continue continues, "The designation of 119 Country Club Road as the Sherwood Market District Farmers Market shall continue until further action by the City Council."

In other business, the council voted to adopt a resolution extending the inter-local agreement between the city of Sherwood and Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS).

"The existing interlocal agreement for ambulance service expired on Dec. 6, 2011, but has continued on a month-to-month basis since that time," states the adopted resolution. "It is the intention of both the city of Little Rock and the city of Sherwood that Metropolitan Medical Services (MEMS) continue as the provider of ambulance service for Sherwood, and that it is proper to executive an extension of the agreement currently in effect."

The agreement was adopted by the council retroactively to Dec. 6, 2011, and will continue until Dec. 6, 2015.

The council also approved the reappointment of Albert Harris to the city planning commission and the city board of adjustments. His term will expire on May 20, 2018.

The council was also informed that the mayor’s prayer breakfast is set for Tuesday, May 7, at 6:45 a.m. at Sherwood Forest, 1111 W. Maryland Ave. The cost is $8 per person.

The Prayer Rally at the Flag Pole is set for Friday, May 10, at 7:45 a.m. At the Sherwood Police Department, 2201 E. Kiehl Ave.