The Sherwood City Council Tuesday voted to adopt an ordinance to increase the curbside recycling fee by 1.9 percent.

Alderman Tim McMinn said the increase amounts to a five-cent monthly increase.

“We passed on the increase that Waste Management passed on to us,” said McMinn.

The council adopted Ordinance 1835 which will raise monthly residential collection fees to $14.81 plus applicable taxes.

“This increased fee represents the increased cost of collection based upon the added collection tasks as a result of the curbside recycling agreement,” states the ordinance.

The increase was made possible when the city council two years ago adopted Resolution 24-2011 that allowed Waste Management to increase monthly fees in accord with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

In other business, the city council adopted a resolution to enter into an agreement with Sherwood Land Company regarding the construction of a sidewalk on Johnson Avenue. The resolution will reimburse the city for the cost of building the sidewalks.

“Pursuant to Ordinance Number 1657, the city can construct infrastructure and seek reimbursement from developers for the costs of construction,” states the resolution.

According to the resolution, there is an immediate need for the construction of sidewalks along the north side of Johnson adjacent to Sylvan Hills Middle School.

“It is necessary to construct these sidewalks for safer pedestrian access to the school from the neighboring subdivisions,” according to the resolution.

The city estimates the cost of building the sidewalks to be $19,000.

“The mayor is hereby authorized to enter into a memorandum of agreement between the city and developer, Sherwood Land Company, to allow the immediate construction of the sidewalks and to further memorialize the agreement between the developer and the city that the developer will reimburse the city for the costs of said sidewalks.”