The Sherwood City Council Monday voted to pass a resolution to allow city voters the option of holding an election to allow the Old Gray Township area of the municipality to permit liquor sales.

The council opted to adopt the resolution as a way to potentially bring more economic development to some areas of town.

"Parts of the city of Sherwood lie within what was once known as the Old Gray Township, which was voted dry many, many years ago," states the resolution.

Earlier this year, the Arkansas General Assembly passed Act 1018 which allows for local municipalities to put before voters the approval of alcohol sales within cities and counties in the state that had previously been declared dry territories by defunct voting districts.

"Whereas to improve potential development and growth as well as increase sales tax revenues, the City Council is in favor of hosting such as election for our city and supports the alternative of designating the City of Sherwood a wet area that would allow liquor/beer by the drink in restaurants and other such food establishments," according to the resolution.

The resolution states that the council supports such an election and encourages citizens to support a vote that would allow liquor/beer sales by the drink at restaurants and other such food establishments throughout the city of Sherwood.

"The council believes doing so will be beneficial to the citizens of Sherwood through improved convenience, increased development possibilities for the city, and improved sales tax revenues could be provided and would permit evaluation of services the city could provide to its citizens," reads the resolution.

No timetable in the resolution points to a specific date yet when such an election would take place.