The Sherwood Education Foundation, which supports the idea of having a Sherwood School District, has come out publicly supporting the formation of a Jacksonville/North Pulaski School District.

"Remember to support candidates this November that support an independent Sherwood School District and tell friends and family that live in the proposed Jacksonville/North Pulaski School District to vote for on Sept 16," states the Sherwood Education Foundation Facebook page.

The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce also pledged its support of the new district last week as well.

Foundation members also attended a recent desegregation status hearing to monitor the Pulaski County Special School District’s progress in achieving unitary status.

"The district still has six areas they have to address to the court’s satisfaction to be declared unitary," reads the post. "PCSSD is continuing to work on student achievement, student discipline, facilities, and monitoring. It was mentioned that today ADE (Arkansas Department of Education) appointed a committee to screen applicants for the [Jacksonville/North Pulaski] interim school board. The transition process is being worked out as this is a precedent setting event. The creation of a new school district like this has never been done in Arkansas."

The Sherwood Education Foundation is monitoring the setting up of the new school district because it will be a model for Sherwood setting up its own in the future.

In mid-July, Sherwood Mayor Virginia Hillman, Beverly Williams, and Linda Remele had a meeting with gubernatorial candidates Mike Ross and Asa Hutchinson to discuss the progress of an independent Sherwood School District.

"Both candidates were very receptive to our presentation and understand our need to have our own school district," according to the Foundation. "We presented each candidate with a copy of the feasibility study showing that an independent Sherwood district would mirror the current demographics of PCSSD. In addition, our tax base and assessment would adequately support an independent district. Both candidates were surprised at the diverse population of Sherwood and how well positioned we are to move forward with our own district."

The Sherwood Education Foundation also has been working hard to get its message out to individuals running for public office.

"The Sherwood Education Foundation wants you to know we are working hard with candidates at the local and state level to present our data and solicited their support," states the Foundation. "This is a time to make sure candidates understand the educational needs of the students in Sherwood and will support us in all efforts moving forward. We want to encourage you join our effort by talking to candidates about an independent school district and making sure they are willing to actively support our efforts if they are elected. Please use your voice to help support an Independent Sherwood School District."

In mid-May, the Foundation presented to the public the feasibility study of a Sherwood School District. The presentation was made at the Sylvan Hills Church of Christ at the corner of Maryland and Hwy 107.

The Sherwood Education Foundation was established to pursue the goal of bringing Sherwood its own school district.