Richard Whitehead, 45, of Sherwood was arrested on a charge of DWI (drugs) after police were dispatched to 10214 Arkansas 107 in reference to a one-car where the motorist struck a building.

According to a police report compiled by Sherwood Police Officer Dale Peters, Whitehead told him he was not hurt.

"He then advised he attempted to place the car in reverse, it slipped into drive and when he stepped on the accelerator his vehicle went forward and hit the building," Peters said.

The report indicates that $1,500 of damage was done to Whitehead’s Volvo S40 while the building he struck sustained $2,500 of damage.

"I asked Whitehead for license, registration and proof of insurance, at which point I observed Whitehead rifling through all the paperwork in his console and glove box, Peters said. "It took Whitehead a considerable amount of time to find the documents."

Sherwood Officer Keith Waymire arrived on the scene and Peters asked Whitehead if he had been drinking.

Whitehead told officers he hadn’t been drinking but said he had taken some pills.

Whitehead on that day had a prescription for 60 tablets of Clonazepam, of which only had 50 remaining in the pill bottle.

"Officer Waymire asked Whitehead if he had looked at the damage to his car," said Peters. "Whitehead replied no and got out of his vehicle. While walking to the front of the vehicle, I observed that Whitehead was very unsteady on his feet and wobbled with almost every step."

Police told Whitehead they believed he was under the influence and asked him to submit to a rest, which he did, according to the police report.

Whitehead was later taken to the police station where a blood-alcohol contest test resulted in finding no traces of alcohol in his system. Whitehead then was asked to take a urine test and he agreed. The urine sample was placed into the evidence refrigerator for submission to the Arkansas State Crime lab for testing.

Whitehead was found at fault for the accident.