A Sherwood police officer has been determined to be at fault in a Jan. 3 accident that resulted in eight damaged vehicles and $20,000 worth of losses to two Wildwood Avenue homes.

The Sherwood Police Department on Friday released a 20-page accident report detailing a recent accident involving a department cruiser on Jan. 2 on Wildwood Avenue about 300 feet west of Claremont Avenue.

Last week, the department issued a press release detailing some of the events of the crash but had declined to release the name of the officer and the report.

According to the report, Officer Chad Clements at 7:56 p.m. was driving a department 2010 Chevrolet Impala cruiser that resulted in $20,000 of damage. The other vehicle involved in the accident was a parked, unoccupied 2006 Chrysler Sebring owned by Donna Deloach, 1107 Wildwood, which received $15,000 of damage.

The report indicates that Clements was responding to assist another officer who was involved in a pursuit of a stolen vehicle.

"The first area of impact was approximately 303 feet east of the east curb line of Claremont Avenue and approximately 25 feet, three inches south of the south curb line of Wildwood Avenue," according to the report. "According to evidence gathered at the accident scene and driver statements, the following chain of events occurred during this accident."

Clements was traveling at a high rate of speed eastbound on Wildwood to help another officer.

"It appeared that Officer Clements, while responding at a high rate of speed, travelled east and approached Claremont Avenue," states the report. "After passing Claremont Avenue, Officer Clements went slightly airborne and after travelling approximately 127 feet, lost control of his patrol vehicle and left the roadway, slightly sideways, at the south curb line of Wildwood at 1107 Wildwood Avenue."

The police cruiser then traveled through the front lawn of 1107 Wildwood for approximately 60 feet before striking Deloach’s vehicle that was parked in the driveway.

"This resulting collision forced (Deloach’s vehicle) to travel approximately 19 feet, colliding with the northeast corner of the house at 1107 Wildwood and into a parked and unoccupied GMC van, which was facing north.

According to the accident report, the van was owned by Cody Dickerson of Broadband Communications, 1109 Wildwood Ave. The 2012 van sustained $1500 worth of damage.

After Deloach’s vehicle struck the van, it then traveled another six feet and into the rear end of another parked and unoccupied GMC pickup truck which had been parked at the west side of 1109 Wildwood. The report indicates the fourth vehicle was owned by Jeremy Dickerson, 1109 Wildwood, and sustained $500 of damage.

After colliding with the pickup truck, both the police cruiser and Deloach’s vehicle slid sideways and traveled about 11 more feet into the northwest corner of the garage at 1109 Wildwood, causing extensive damage to the structure.

Both the cruiser and Deloach’s vehicle slid sideways slightly into the garage and continued to slide sideways onto the driveway, striking a parked and unoccupied red Ford F-150 pickup in the side which caused the pickup truck to slide sideways into sixth vehicle – a green Toyota Corolla which was parked in the driveway directly next to the Ford pickup truck.

According to the police report, the fifth vehicle was a 2000 Ford F-150 owned by Cody and Jerry Dickerson, 1109 Wildwood, which sustained $7,000 in damage. The sixth vehicle was a 1997 Toyota Corolla that was owned by Heidi Andrews of North Little Rock. The Corolla sustained $800 in damage.

"While V1 (police cruiser) was sliding sideways and struck V5 (F-150 pickup truck), it appears to have simultaneously collided and entered into the garage of the residence, also striking two parked and unoccupied vehicles (a 2004 Dodge Neon and a 2012 Dodge Journey)," states the report. V7 (Neon) and V8 (Journey) were both in the garage facing a southern direction at the time of the collision."

The Neon was owned by Jeremy Dickerson and sustained $700 of damage while the Journey was owned by Kenneth and Debbye Petre, 1107 Wildwood, and sustained $500 of damage, states the report.

Clements was transported to St. Vincent/North for treatment for injuries.

The report indicates that Clements was determined to be at fault for the accident because he was driving too fast for conditions.

Besides damage to the vehicles, the report indicates that a total of $20,000 in losses was done to property. The residence of 1107 Wildwood, owned by Waunzelle Petre, sustained $5,000 of damage. The Petre home at 1109 Wildwood sustained $15,000 of damage.

In a statement to police, Cody Dickerson told police he was watching television in the living room at the time of the accident.

"I jumped up after I heard the crash," Cody Dickerson told police. "I went outside and saw the cop car. I started screaming to see if he was okay."

Cody Dickerson said Clements did not respond so he called 911.

According to a department press release issued last week, Clements was treated and released from the hospital. The incident is still under investigation.