It began more than a decade ago and it keeps getting bigger and more popular. It is the Sherwood Rotary Club’s annual back to school clothes and school supplies drive.

One of the biggest community projects that the Sherwood Rotary Club undertakes each year is the Back to School project.

What started out as a project to help those less fortunate get a good start to the new school year has since turned into a year round project.

The Sherwood Rotary Club collects school uniforms (both new & gently used), school supplies and money in order to help those students who may need assistance in the schools that are located in the City of Sherwood.

Since the late 1990’s, when this project began, there have been thousands of children who have received service, according to one of the project’s organizers, Marina Brooks.

"The Rotary Club works with the school counselors to identify those students who might need assistance. The used uniforms are collected year round at the Bill Harmon Rec Center, Amy Sanders Library, and Centennial Bank on Kiehl Avenue," Brooks said. "Once collected these uniforms are cleaned through the generosity of Capitol Cleaners on Kiehl Avenue."

School supplies are also collected at these locations and though the generosity of Cardinal Health, the Rotary Club has been able to purchase supplies as well. Uniforms and supplies are then distributed through the elementary school counselors to the Public schools located in the Sherwood City limits.

In order to purchase items that are needed, the Sherwood Rotary Club holds a big fundraiser once a year.

"This year Club members will be standing outside of the Wal-Mart Supercenter on Arkansas 107 on Saturday, Aug. 10, to collect money to be used for this project."

For additional information or to help with a monetary donation, please call Annette Delgado at 603-3925 or Brooks at 835-8572.