Five outlining areas of Sherwood will be up before voters on Nov. 6 for possible annexation into the city.

The Sherwood City Council on Aug. 27 moved to place before Sherwood voters measures that would annex the areas of North Gap Creek, the Cato Elementary/Northwood School, Carr Cove area, Woodridge Subdivision and the Oakdale-Mine Road area.

One ordinance brought before the council would have asked voters to annex into Sherwood the Loop Road area, but the motion to place the issue on the November ballot died for lack of a second. Alderman Ken Keplinger made the Loop Road motion but none followed his lead.

According to the five ordinances that were passed by the council, voters of Sherwood as well as those in the currently unincorporated areas will vote on the annexation issue.

Of the five that passed, the Oakdale-Mine Road ordinance passed by a tie-breaking vote cast by Mayor Virginia Hillman. Aldermen Charles Harmon, Kevin Lilly, Tim McMinn and Toni Butler voted against the Oakedale-Mine Road annexation initiative while Aldermen Steve Fender, Marina Brooks, Keplinger, and Mary Jo Heye were in favor of the request.

The impacted areas are as follows, according to the approved ordinances:

1. Woodridge Subdivision: The area of Ridgewood Drive.

2. Oakdale-Mine Road: The Oakdale-Mine roads area near but not including Miller’s Road, Loop Road, Wayside Drive, Sussix Loop, Avery Drive, Village East Drive an Simler Road.

3. North Gap Creek Area: Areas north of West Ridge Circle, Gap Ridge Drive, Gap Creek Drive, Gap Point Circle, Brockington Road, and Teague Lane, but south of Plant Road, Elwood Drive, Creekwood Drive, and Lakewood Drive.

4. Cato Elementary/Northwood School: Areas of unincorporated areas west of Waterfront Drive, Compast Point, Wiki Wiki Drive, and Luau Drive, but east of Koko Drive, Cinnamon Drive, Bamboo Lane, Lybrand Drive, Teakwood Drive, Jacksonville Cato Road, Sheila Drive, and Fairfield Drive.

5. Carr Cove: An area west of the Little Rock Air Force Base and east of the incorporated Sherwood.

"The question of annexation of the property herein described shall be submitted to the qualified electors of the city of Sherwood and the qualified electors of the affected proposed annexation territory as described in this ordinance and also as described on the attached map the question of annexation of the described real property and territory to the city of Sherwood, Arkansas," reads each of the five ordinances.

Other portions of each ordinance has identical wording and inform voters of the reason for the proposed annexation.

"It is believed by the City Council of the City of Sherwood, Arkansas, the land contiguous to the city of Sherwood as described herein are necessary for the orderly and continued growth of the city of Sherwood," read the ordinances.

"The lands that are described in this ordinance are platted and held for sale or use as municipal lots or whether platted or not are held to be sold and developed as suburban property, and the lands described herein furnish the abode for a densely settled community and represent the actual growth of the city of Sherwood, Arkansas, beyond its legal boundary," the ordinances continue.

The ordinances add, "The land described in this ordinance are needed for the proper municipal purposes by the city of Sherwood and the land described herein are valuable by reason of the adaptability for use for and to the city of Sherwood."

All five ordinances that passed were amended to remove any provision that the city of Sherwood would provide fire protection to them.

"We do not provide fire protection," Harmon said.

Sherwood’s fire protection is provided by a separate fire district independent of the city of Sherwood.

Harmon said he voted against the Oakedale-Mine Road annexation vote because there was an organized effort from people living there who don’t want to be annexed.

Harmon added that he did not support the vote to annex the Loop Road area because he wants people from that area to come to the city and petition to become a part of Sherwood.

Harmon said people should not be forced to become a part of Sherwood.

Harmon said there are benefits for Loop Road and Oakedale-Mine roads areas to be annexed into Sherwood.

"We provide a lot of services such as garbage, police protection and better protection because of our zoning and planning ordinances," Harmon said.

Harmon added that just because areas like Loop Road won’t be annexed right now in Sherwood that it means the area will always be unincorporated.

" Both of those areas border with North Little Rock," Harmon said. "Just because we don’t annex them doesn’t mean that North Little Rock won’t annex them."