The recently appointed chairman of the Sherwood History and Heritage Commission said he wants to see the city secure funding to preserve the historic Roundtop Service Station that is located at the corner of Roundtop Drive and Trammel Road in Sherwood.

"I have recently been appointed by Sherwood Mayor Virginia Hillman to be the Chairman of the new Sherwood History and Heritage Commission," said Chairman Darrell W. Brown. "One of our first goals is to secure funding to preserve and restore the historic Roundtop Service Station.

The Roundtop Filling Station was constructed in 1936 by local real estate developer Justin Matthews for the Pierce Oil Company. In 1955, the filling station became a DX station and continued to be until it was closed in the mid 1970s. George Brown eventually bought the property.

When Brown passed away in 1999, his heirs donated the building and property to the City of Sherwood, and the structure is in the process of being restored to be used a Sherwood Police substation. The building was featured in the 2012 film, "The Last Ride" about Hank Williams, Sr. and starred Henry Thomas, Kaley Cuoco, and Fred Thompson. Arkansas native Harry Thomason produced the movie.

The Mayor’s Office, the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce, and our new commission are now working on getting grants to help with the costs of the renovation, according to Brown.

Harry Thomason has offered to show a special screening of his movie for a fundraiser as well, and that is in the works.

Brown said there is support from the public to get the Roundtop restored.

"When I posted a picture of the structure on our Commission’s Facebook page, so many people "liked" the picture and posted comments about their memories of it," Brown said.

The commission recently posted a You Tube Video promoting Sherwood’s history, which includes footage about the Roundtop. People can see it at the commission’s YouTube channel:

According to the video, the commission wants to promote Sherwood’s future by preserving its past.