When Sherwood was first incorporated in 1948, our founding fathers held a political rally to allow the candidates for Mayor and Town Council to address their fellow citizens. This event was held on Monday, July 19 at "Triangle Park" on the corner of Delmont and Sherwood Avenues. This park was also the site of Sherwood’s first town hall, and is now known as Delmont Park. Subsequent political rallies such as this were held in Sherwood for several years afterwards.

Following that early tradition, the Sherwood Young Professionals of the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce are sponsoring an "old-fashioned" political rally that we are calling "Sherwood Standing on the Stump." This event will be held at Delmont Park on Saturday, Sept. 6 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. All candidates for contested local, county, and state races are being invited to come.

Each candidate will have the opportunity to stand on the stump (yes, there will be an actual stump just like in the old days) and give a brief "stump speech." Campaigns will also be allowed to set up a campaign table to pass out literature, stickers, etc. The Sherwood Young Professionals will be manning a voter registration table, and we plan on serving free cookies and lemonade.

For more information, please feel to contact me at 425-4037 or by e-mail at: DWBrown@CityofSherwood.net.