About 30 women from different parts of the United States descended upon Sherwood to learn the art of kickboxing from May 3-5 to attend a kickboxing camp sponsored by Living Defense Martial Arts.

Master Danny Dring said the camp is held once per year during the first full weekend of May.

"I put on this event so female athletes and fighters from across the country can train with a large group of like-minded women."

Women came from Texas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Washington and Tennessee, in addition local women from North Little Rock, Sherwood, Jacksonville and Russellville.

"We kicked the weekend off with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu geared towards women’s self defense on the ground," he said. "Afterwards we all went and ate as a group so old friends could catch up and relax after traveling."

On May 4, at 9 a.m., the women came in started with a long warmup and moved on to footwork, kickboxing principles and boxing/kickboxing drill work.

"Afterwards we broke for lunch and then got back to the gym for sparring," Dring said. "All of the girls sparred several rounds a piece back to back."

In all, there were over 70 rounds of sparring.

The day was finished the day off with dinner at Dring’s house.

"Sunday morning we got started again at 9 a.m. and after stretching and a brief warm-up, the girls went back to work on their boxing," he said. "The focus was on working with a partner to practice slipping, blocking and counter punching based on what your opponent was attacking with. At about 1 p.m, we gathered up for pictures and goodbyes as many of the girls had planes to catch. It was a great weekend and a very positive experience for everyone involved."