July 22

Officers were dispatched to Country Club Road at Heritage Way in reference to a collision involving a motor vehicle accident involving a motor vehicle and bicycle. According to a police report filed by Sherwood Officer Keith Waymire, Ashley Gleason of Sherwood said she was driving westbound in her 2007 Dodge truck on Heritage Way. Justin McLawhorn of Sherwood was riding a Schwinn bicycle. McLawhorn said he was traveling eastbound on the north sidewalk of Country Club. Gleason said as she was approaching the stop sign on Heritage at Country Club, she did not see McLawhorn approaching because the front passenger side post between her windshield and passenger side window blocked her line of sight. McLawhorn said he intended to pass in front of Gleason’s vehicle but the truck entered into the crosswalk area, causing the front bumper of her vehicle to collide with the left side of his bicycle. The bicycle sustained $800 of damage. He said he broke his fall with the palms of his hands but he did complain of pain in the area of his outer left palm. McLawhorn stated he did not need an ambulance but he advised he would get his hand examined once he arrived for work at St. Vincent Hospital. McLawhorn’s bicycle sustained a bent wheel when Gleason’s vehicle ran on top of the front wheel of the bicycle. There was no damage to the truck.

Officers were dispatched to the area of Brockington Road and Arkansas 107 in reference to a minor, non-injury accident. According to a police report filed by Sherwood Officer John McGhee, he made contact with vehicle operators Wesley Blossom of Sherwood and Jeremiah Phillips of Cabot. Phillips said he was traveling northbound on Brockington Road in the right turn lane where he was wanting to turn right onto Arkansas 107. He had stopped to check for oncoming traffic, started to go, then he stopped again, which resulted in his 2002 Honda Civic being struck from behind. Blossom was also traveling northbound on Brockington behind Phillips. When Phillips proceeded to go, he looked back to his left for oncoming traffic and did not see Phillips had stopped again. As a result of following too close, the front bumper of his vehicle struck the rear bumper of Phillips’ vehicle. Blossom’s vehicle sustained $500 of damage while Phillips’ 2013 Honda Civic had $400 of damage. Blossom was determined to be at fault for the accident but was not cited. Damage to Blossom’s vehicle consisted of a scratch, scuffed and cracked front bumper and grill. Phillips’ vehicle had scratched, scuffed and cracked rear bumper.


Officers were dispatched to Senior Tequilas, 8605 Arkansas 107, in reference to damaged property due to a recent storm. Officers contacted Owner Selma Robinson who was outside of the restaurant on the parking lot in the storm weather. Robinson said during the storm the restaurant’s umbrellas located outside had blown off a table and struck the right side of his truck parked on the north side of the business. Robinson showed police the scratch marks to his 2013 GMC Sierra truck which sustained $100 in damage. There were scratches to the front passenger side window and some under the rear right extended cab window. Robinson said he had already made contact about the incident with the restaurant owner, Manuel Perez. Perez said the damage caused by the storm took place at about 8:10 p.m.