A 54-year-old Sherwood woman was arrested on June 21 on a charge of aggravated assault following police being called to a Tammy Lane home.

According to a police report filed by Sherwood Officer Ray Hogan, police were called to 6101 Tammy Lane to assist a citizen.

"The residents of 6101 Tammy Lane (Underwoods) and the residents of 6103 Tammy Lane (Halls) have an ongoing property line dispute," Hogan said. "Both parties have been advised its a civil issue that must be taken care of by the civil courts."

Before Hogan’s arrival, dispatchers reported that Leo Hall IV of Sherwood had contacted the police department and said Guillermina Underwood of Sherwood had struck one of his fence poles with her vehicle.

Upon Hogan’s arrival, he saw a Underwood’s dark colored 2012 Toyota Camry sitting against a T-post with its front right corner over the disputed property line.

"I spoke with Mr. Hall who stated he and his workers were in the process of digging a post pole when Mrs. Underwood drove up and struck the T-post, causing them to move," according to Hogan’s report. "When they attempted to start working in another area, Mrs. Underwood moved her vehicle, striking another T-post and causing Mr. Hall and his worker to have to move out of the way in fear of being struck."

Jason Mitchell of Sherwood told police workers had to move back so they wouldn’t be struck when she hit the first T-post.

"Mitchell confirmed what Hall stated about moving over to work on another hole before Mrs. Underwood drove her car into the second T-post," states the report. "Which caused Mitchell to move out of the way again.

Police said Robert Steinle was also one of the workers and said Mrs. Underwood struck a post Hall was standing behind.

"He also stated Mitchell had to jump back to avoid behind struck by Mrs. Underwood’s vehicle," according to the report.

Police observed slight damage to the front bumper area of Underwood’s car. She also had slight damage to the front, passenger side door from striking the second T-post.

Underwood was placed under arrest for aggravated assault and transported to the police department where she was turned over to booking.