June 1

Jesse Everett, 24, of Sherwood was arrested on a charge of public intoxication after police observed a man sitting on a swing set in the area of Cherrywood Lake Park at 2:54 a.m. Officer Dwayne Niles made contact with Everett and told him the park closes at 10 p.m. Everett said he was sitting at the park so he could listen to country music.

While he was speaking, Niles reported he could smell the odor of intoxicants emitting from his breath. Niles also observed that he had light red watery eyes and his speech was slightly slurred. Officer Nick Litchfield arrived as backup and told Everett he could not be in the park after 10 p.m. He told police he had not consumed any alcohol when asked by officers. Everett said he was staying with a friend on May Avenue. When asked again if he had consumed any alcohol, he told police he had consumed a few beers. Police offered to take Everett home but he said he could walk. Police told him they knew he was intoxicated and said they could either arrest him for public intoxication or take him he and Everett chose to be taken to his home by officers. Police took him to the May Avenue home, knocked on the door and no one answered. Police asked Everett if he had a key to the home and he told them no so they took him to police headquarters and booked him on the public intoxication charges.

Officers were dispatched to Walgreens in reference to a woman wearing a red shirt and blue jeans who was intoxicated. Upon arrival, police made contact with Erica Craig, 36, of North Little Rock who matched the description of a reportedly intoxicated female in the area. Officer Nick Litchfield made contact with Craig, identified himself and told her the reason for the contact. Craig said she had taken three prescription medications about three hours earlier. Her comments came after police asked her if she had taken any medications recently. While she was speaking, Craig had slurred speech and kept stumbling as she was walking. She was also asking repeatedly if she was in Jacksonville. After police told her twice she was in Sherwood officers asked her to step outside so they could speak with her further. When she was walking toward the door she stumbled into the counter, almost knocking over a display rack. When she stood still to talk with police she would sway in a small circle and almost lost balance, according to Litchfield.

Craig was arrested on a charge of public intoxication and was transported to the Sherwood Police Department for processing.


Officers were dispatched to Shipley’s Donuts on Arkansas 107 for a private property accident and upon arrival met both drivers who said they were not injured. Jane Todd of Sherwood said she was backing out of her parking spot and turned her wheels too sharply, resulting in striking the side of another vehicle driven by Vandy Nash of North Little Rock. Nash’s Honda Accord was parked beside Todd’s Ford Explorer. Both vehicles sustained $500 worth of damage. Nash said she was sitting inside her vehicle when Todd backed out and struck the side of her vehicle. Police observed a scrape on the right rear quarterpanel of Todd’s vehicle. Both drivers said they had car insurance.