Sherwood police beat

Police investigate arrow shot into bedroom wall of Sherwood man’s residence

Roger Higgs of Sherwood on Dec. 20 said he entered his master bedroom of his home located at 112 Shade Tree, Unit 4, and noticed the front end of an arrow shaft protruding through the inside wall approximately 18 inches. He said he went outside and observed the back end of the arrow shaft sticking out from the exterior wall about four inches. Higgs said he did not hear any unusual noises during the night after going to bed at about midnight.

According to the police report, he removed the arrow and the nomenclature on the shaft showed it to be an Easton Cross Tip/crossbow bolt. The arrow was about two feet long and had green plastic fletching, the type commonly used with a crossbow. Police reported that it appeared to be a relatively new arrow.

Officers asked Higgs if he had any enemies or anyone that may have done this on purpose and he told police no. He also said he had not seen anyone in the area with any type of bow. Officers said it is possible that someone in the area may have gotten a new bow, was just practicing with it and lost control of the arrow.

"A cross bow is capable of firing an arrow with enough velocity to travel a ways and deeply penetrate another object," according to the police report.

Higgs told police if he saw anyone in the area with bow and arrow equipment he would tell officers.


Dec. 19

Tyler Allman of Cabot said someone got into his unlocked vehicle while it was parked at Pavilion Apartments and stole his wallet which contained documents with his personal information and bank cards.

Andrae Blackburn of Griffin Leggett Rest Hills Funeral Home in Sherwood said sometime during the night someone took a $500 aluminum boat that was located near the shop area of the business located at 7724 Landers Road.

Victor Heckman of Sherwood said he lost his credit card in the Wal-Mart Supercenter on Arkansas 107 and later in the day someone had charged $1,000 worth of unauthorized transactions on it.

James Worrell of Sherwood said sometime during the day his $100 GPS and a prescription bottle were stolen from his unlocked truck while it was parked at 132 W. Lee St.

Kim Cooper of Sherwood said while she was out of town someone stole two $30 Christmas wreaths, $25 worth of candy cane decorations and an $8 snowman decoration from residence located at Pavilion Apartments, 3610 E. Maryland Ave., Apt. 1311.

Thomas Crow of Sherwood said he pulled into his driveway at 119 Crooked Court at about 5:45 p.m. and noticed the garage door was busted in the middle and slightly open. He also observed a pair of gloves outside the garage that he did not place. Upon looking further, he discovered someone had stolen $1,500 worth of jewelry, $150 of hand tools, a $600 push mower, $300 gas trimmer and a $500 power washer.

Dec. 18

Derrica Willis of Sherwood said her husband, Michael, left for work at about 6:30 a.m. and noticed that her vehicle’s right side passenger window had been knocked out and her $500 Touch Screen Navigation/Radio had been from her Nissan Maxima. Someone also stole her purse which had a checking/savings card and Social Security card.

Tremain Dorsey of Sherwood said he returned to his home at 3458 E. Kiehl Ave., Apt. 5802, and noticed the passenger side window had been busted out of his vehicle. Someone stole his duffel bag which had a helmet, binder two pieces of cold weather gear and a $350 Safari land holster.

Freedom Gilbert of Sherwood said he allowed an unknown man he was acquainted with to use his bathroom. Gilbert told police the man lives near his apartment unit at 3500 Brockington Road, Apt. 35. He later discovered 13 Valium pills missing from his prescription bottle. He described the man as a dark-skinned black male who was about 6’0" tall.

Glen Strain of Jacksonville said he checked out his garage unit at 5912 Morden Lane and all seemed normal but today he noticed that the locking mechanism had been cut and the unit ransacked. He told police he had $500 worth of tools stolen from his toolbox and a $200 antique table.

Timothy Humble said he discovered that a $200 Hi-Point 9-millimeter pistol was missing from his house located at 307 Lynnwood Drive. Upon arrival, police found no signs of forced entry.

Dec. 17

Deborah Lewis of Sherwood said she received a package at her home located at 25 Arbor Oaks Drive from Fingerhut which she never ordered. Fingerhut told her an account was opened in her name and were shipped to her address, too. Value of the merchandise was $578.88. Fingerhut told her that the phone number associated with the account was 501-907-0091 which is to a Colton’s Steakhouse. Lewis said she believes someone used her information to open the account and had the items shipped to her address because it is someone that knows she is not at home during the day.


Dec. 20

Police responded to an accident on Landers Road at Zimmerman Motors where Izaak Montoya of the Little Rock Air Force Base. Montoya said he was driving his Chrysler PT Cruiser northbound when he veered off the road and into the gravel. He caused $600 of damage to his car and destroyed a $100 stop sign.

Police observed strong winds strike the 2008 Nissan Maxima owned by Rhonda Roberts of Sherwood in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market on Arkansas 107. The damage totaled $990.

Dec. 19

Caleb McDowell of Sherwood told police his 2010 Chevrolet HHR and a 2007 Toyota Tacoma truck owned by Terry Luck of Vilonia were attempting to exit the parking lot of Tractor Supply Company onto Landers Road. McDowell said when Luck began to exit and hit his brakes to stop. McDowell said the right front of his vehicle struck the left rear bumper of Luck’s vehicle, resulting in Luck’s truck sustaining $200 of damage. Luck said the accident caused damage to his rear bumper.

Dec. 18

Randall Howard of Cabot said he thought a Dodge vehicle driven by Terry White of Jacksonville was starting to drive at the intersection of Brookswood Drive and Kiehl Avenue so he accelerated but it resulted in him striking White’s vehicle with his 2011 Chevrolet Silverado. Howard’s vehicle sustained $250 in damage.

Alana Freeman of Sherwood said she was stopped and waiting to merge onto Arkansas 107 from Brockington Road when another vehicle driven by Karl Stricklin of Jacksonville struck the rear of her 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt, resulting in $500 of damage to her car. No damage was observed by police to Stricklin’s 2010 Dodge Charger. Stricklin was found to be at fault for the accident for careless/prohibited driving.


Dec. 18

Kenneth Griffin, 41, of Sherwood was arrested on charges of DWI, refusal to submit to a test, careless/prohibited driving, speeding 65 mph in a 45 mph zone, no proof of insurance and no seat belt after police observed him exit the Indianhead Shopping Center at a high rate of speed.

Ronald Joseph, 24, of Cabot was arrested on a charge of DWI after police responded to the scene of a motor vehicle accident at a ditch between the Indianhead Shopping Center and Kentucky Fried Chicken on Warden Road.

Dec. 19

Brittany Thornton, 19, of Sherwood was arrested on a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia after police observed someone driving a silver Mustang parked across the street from 10013 Miller Road. Police said there had been an increase in vehicle break-ins in the area so officers approached the vehicle and immediately smelled the odor of marijuana.