March 8

Bobby Combs of Sherwood said he was traveling northbound on Brockington Road when he began to merge onto Arkansas 107. He stated there was another vehicle traveling northbound on Arkansas 107 that began to change lanes. At this time, Combs stated that the front left of his vehicle struck the right rear of the other vehicle. Officers observed minor damage t Combs’ vehicle.

Police then spoke with the other driver, Andrea Sneed of Jacksonville, who said she was also driving northbound on Arkansas 107 when Combs’ white SUV turned right off of Brockington Road and onto Arkansas 107. She stated that she was not changing lanes and had been in the same lane for quite a while. Sneed said she tried merging over to the inside lane but was too late and Combs’ vehicle struck the right rear of her Nissan Xterra. Combs’ SUV had $800 of damage while Sneed’s Nissan had $500 of damage.

The accident occurred when Combs was exiting the merge lane off Brockington Road and onto Arkansas 107. For this reason, Combs was found at fault for the accident.

Terry Collins of Sherwood and Michael Scales of North Little Rock said they were stopped at the yield sign at the intersection of the East Kiehl Loop and Landers Road. Collins said Scales’ vehicle started to move so he thought he was was pulling onto Landers.Collins said he looked left to check for other traffic, started to pull onto Landers and then hit Scales’ vehicle near the rear bumper.

The accident when the front bumper of Collins’ 2010 Ford F-150 truck struck the rear bumper of Scales’ 2009 Acura ATL, resulting in Scales’ vehicle sustaining $400 of damage. Collins was found a fault for the accident and was issued a citation for following too close. There were no injuries reported at the time of the accident.

March 9

At 9:20 p.m., officers were dispatched to the intersection of Arkansas 107 and Bobbitt Road for an accident involving one vehicle and a deer. Raymond Williams of Sherwood said he was traveling southbound on Arkansas 107 when three deer began crossing the road in front of him. Williams said he was able to miss two of them but his 1998 Nissan Frontier made contact with the third, resulting in $2,000 of damage. Police observed damage to the car’s hood, bumper, grill, left and right quarter panels and both headlight assemblies and bulbs. The radiator was also broken and was leaking coolant onto the street.


March 8

Danny Smith, 24, of North Little Rock was arrested on a charge of public intoxication after police were dispatched to Burger King on the corner of East Kiehl Avenue and Brookswood Avenue in reference to a man causing a disturbance in the area.

Dispatchers told police that the man was walking toward Park Crest Apartments, went into the restaurant, and made contact with a Burger King employee.

March 9

Ricky Hudspeth, 48, of North Little Rock was arrested on charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct after police were dispatched to Saint Vincent North in reference to a person who was getting out of control, cursing and starting to start a fight.