A Sherwood woman has opened up her own adoption agency.

An Angel’s Choice adoption agency opened its doors in August of last year and is ready to serve mothers and adoptive parents in Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee.

Michelle Oglesby, founder and owner of An Angel’s Choice Adoption, was adopted as a child and it had a profound impact on her life.

"As an adoptee, I was told by others that I wasn’t wanted from the time I was a kid on the playground," Oglesby said. When she questioned her mother about it, "she said my twin brother and I were special."

"I am special and my purpose is to let others know that they are special too," Oglesby added. "My focus is to help educate those in a crisis pregnancy situation about other options, including adoption."

Oglesby said Arkansas has a lot of abortions.

In 2012, there were 3,782 induced abortions in the Natural State alone, according to the Center for Health Statistics and Arkansas Department of Health. Arkansas is also home to the largest surgical abortion clinic. To combat these high numbers, the company offers a private adoption service to women who are faced with a crises or unplanned pregnancy. Other services provided include education, financial help, counseling, legal assistance and emotional support.

"Things have changed since I was adopted in the late ‘50s. Women have choices now, including choosing parents for their babies and the type of adoption," said Oglesby. "So many abortions occur because of the lack of information about other options, including adoption. Many who are faced with a crisis pregnancy look to take the easy way out through abortion, instead of having the support needed to explore their options."

Oglesby believes the old adage that knowledge is power.

"Many people faced with a crisis pregnancy have misconceptions about adoption," she noted. "They do not want their babies in foster care and don’t know about the benefits of private adoption, as well as the various types ranging from closed to very open."

Expectant mothers can also chose to play an active role in their baby’s life via an open adoption. The company offers resources and support to women who want to parent their babies when faced with a difficult situation.

For more information about An Angel’s Choice and adoption, visit their website at www.angelschoice.org or contact Michelle Oglesby at michelle.aaca@gmail.com or 615-3094.