Abundant Life continues to creep closer to .500 after Tuesday night’s 71-60 win over the Mt. Ida Lions.

Eric Moore led the Owls once again with 24 points and 13 rebounds in the win that pushed Abundant Life’s record to 10-14.

Blake Holmes added 20 points for Abundant Life in the victory.

"Eric and Blake are going to get theirs, they always do," said Abundant Life coach Chris Horton. "What we need is to find that third scoring option who is going to be consistent for us."

Guard Glenn Ford was held to two points against Mount Ida, but showed signs of being that option over Christmas break when the Owls played in a tournament in Dallas.

Ford scored 14 points in the championship game as the Owls brought home the tournament title.

"Glenn can get points in bunches off turnovers and fast breaks," Horton said. "In the flow of our offense, I think it has been a combination of guys passing up shots and maybe not shooting with confidence when they do. We do stress to get the ball to Eric and Blake, but we need to have guys ready to take open shots and knock them down."

Kendall Harness did score seven points in the post against Mt. Ida, something Horton hopes can continue.

"That extra post presence would be huge for us," said Horton. "That extra option would help keep teams from double and even triple-teaming Eric like they do."

Over the break, the Owls almost didn’t get to play at all thanks to weather. The start of the trip was delayed, and then the Owls literally stepped off the bus and got on the court to play following a long bus ride.

"That first game was pretty tough, all things considered," said Horton. "We played some pretty good teams down there and gained some confidence."

Abundant Life beat the Dallas Thunder 52-51 in the tournament finals. The Thunder is a group of home-schooled players, coached by Arkansas native Doyle Moncrief - brother of Sidney.

The Owls are off the rest of the week as Friday falls as a bye; thanks to their just being seven teams in the conference.

"We’re going to spend a lot of time this week and weekend working on conditioning to get back where we need to be," Horton said. "We did get to play over the break, but I know that other than those games, those guys weren’t at home running and working out."

The Owls will travel to Magnet Cover and Cutter Morning Star next week.