Former Sylvan Hills star Archie Goodwin has taken his share of criticism in his first year at the University of Kentucky. This week Goodwin decided that his one year as a guard for the Wildcats was enough and declared for the NBA draft, a move that did not surprise his former high school coach Kevin Davis.

"Archie does his homework," Davis said. "He knows the business of basketball and always has."

Davis said Goodwin’s sole focus since eighth grade has been doing what he had to do to become an NBA player.

Davis also said that Goodwin’s game is well suited in the league and that what America saw from him at Kentucky wasn’t everything that Goodwin could do.

"I think the style of play handicapped Archie," Davis said.

Being on the floor with a pair of 7-footers forced Goodwin to adjust his game to suit a more half-court style, a style that Davis said didn’t suit him.

"He is the best open floor player I’ve ever seen, Davis said. "If a fast NBA team gets him, then he could be the sleeper of the draft."

If there is a legitimate knock on Goodwin according to Davis, is that he needs to improve his outside shot which is something that Davis said NBA scouts believe they can help with.

"The NBA guys I’ve talked to said they believe they can develop him," Davis said.

Even though Goodwin played in a style that didn’t fit him as an individual player, Goodwin still managed to lead the team in scoring.

Davis said a team such as Denver, New York, or even the L.A. Lakers could be teams that Goodwin’s game could thrive in.

"No one guy can guard him," Davis said. "In high school no two guys could."

With the pros and cons of making such a decision, Davis who hasn’t had an extensive conversation with Goodwin, but has had text correspondence with him, believes that Goodwin is making a good decision for him and his family.

"He is striking while the iron is hot," Davis said.