Upside is a sports word for positive potential.

Former Sylvan Hills standout Archie Goodwin has that upside. While a proverbial rock star as a Bear, he experienced a bit of lull in college going to Kentucky, a team chalked full of high school rock stars with the biggest of them all being coach John Calipari.

While adjusting to the college game, Goodwin still managed to average 14 points per game to lead the Wildcats.

Goodwin’s perceived troubles were likely an attributed to the troubles the team was going through. After taking up residence in the top of the polls and winning a national title, Kentucky swooned a bit thus questioning Calipari and in turn Calipari questioning the winning desire of his team.

That didn’t keep players like Goodwin and Nerlins Noel from continuing Calipari’s reputation for producing "one and done" players.

Goodwin’s high school coach Kevin Davis said that Goodwin should thrive in an NBA system that would allow him to run and make plays in the open floor citing Oklahoma City as a prime example.

Ironically, in post draft interviews, Calipari likened Goodwin to Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook.

Goodwin expressed his happiness with where he landed when addressing the media in Phoenix.

"It was sort of a sigh of a relief for me because, for one, this is the team that I wanted to play for," said Goodwin, who worked out twice for Phoenix. "I feel really comfortable here. I feel I’ll have an opportunity to do special things here."