The Sherwood Sharks were at it again on Saturday, making the short trip to the Lakewood Park to take on the Lakewood Waves and Lonoke SharkRockets in a severe mismatch.

The Sharks scored 1,180 points to Lakewood’s 229 and Lonoke’s 101. Sherwood scored 180 points just from first place finishers in the 7-8 age group, and had enough total points in just that group to win the meet. That age group won every divison of every race except for one.



Jacob Dunn won three races, taking the gold freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Noah Hughes also won three, winning the bronze breast, butterfly and individual medley.

Tyson Pfeiffer won the silver IM and bronze free, Garion Taylor won the silver free, Doug Gaylord the silver back and Drake Miller the silver fly.


The domination here began with Michael Potts winning the platinum free, back, breast and fly. Maddox McCrory had four wins in the gold free, back and IM and the silver breast. Chris Tucker added four wins as well, taking the silver back and fly and the bronze free and IM.

James Bolton won the gold fly, Jaxon Alongi the silver free, Cooper Traylor the silver IM, Kaiden Tucker the bronze back, and Elijah Wagner the bronze breast.


Four different swimmers won three races for Sherwood, with Dillon Wood leading the way with platinum wins in the free, breast and fly. Blane Godbee had a platinum back and a gold free and fly. Eric Watkins won the gold back and silver free and breast, while Dylan Harper won the bronze back, breast and IM.

Brock Godbee won the gold IM, while Hudson Cameron won the silver fly.


Joseph Potts won the platinum free and back and the gold breast, while Phillip Stanley won the platinum breast the gold back and fly.

Logan Wilson took the silver IM, Brian Nooker the bronze free and Garrett Hartley the bronze fly.


KJ Royal won the silver fly and IM and the bronze breast, while Daniel Ashcraft won the bronze free, back and IM.

Jacob Cecil took the silver free and bronze fly, with Jeff Oakley adding a bronze fly.


Quanderrius Doss gave the Sharks four firsts, taking the platinum free and fly and the bronze back and breast.

Kel Gist won the gold free, silver breast and bronze IM. Mason Graves had a platinum win in the back and a gold fly. Gabriel Kerr took the gold breast, Skyler Lancaster the gold IM and Richard Buzzitta the bronze free.



Sophie Gaylord gave the Sharks three wins, taking the gold free, breast and fly. Sami Stafford added wins in the gold back and bronze breast. Ellie Carpenter won the bronze fly and IM, while Briana Wood won the silver back.


The 7-8 year-olds were dominant in every event, led by Madelynn Morrow winning the platinum free, back, breast and fly.

Meredith Lipsey won the gold free, back and fly, while Lillie Ballany won the silver free, fly and IM. Tessa Fellona won the silver breast and bronze IM, Katie Wittenburg took the bronze back and breast, while Emma Browning won the gold IM, Olivia Dunn the gold back, Samantha Crownover the silver back, Addie Fellona the bronze free and Emily Heck the bronze fly.


Avery Ballany led the age group with three wins, taking the platinum free and fly and the gold IM.

Pierson Richart won the platinum back and gold breast, while Elea Blakely won the silver breast and IM.

Carly Morrow won the gold free, Amelia the gold back, Peyton Stafford the gold fly, Michaela Wood the silver fly, Eliana Keen the bronze breast and Hallie Mosely the bronze breast.


Betsy Ponder won the silver back, fly and IM, while Rylee Boles won the gold IM and silver breast.

Savannah Housley won the bronze free and fly, Shelby Stanley the gold back, Addison Harper the bronze breast and Marie Simmons the bronze IM.


Camryn Jenkins led the way with wins in the platinum free and back and the gold fly. Tatum Stanley was right behind with a win in the platinum breast and gold back.

Sarah Green won the gold breast and bronze fly, Jordan Godbee the silver back and Rebecca Housley the bronze breast.


Five swimmers had at least two wins for Sherwood, led by Holly Joseph’s three wins in the bronze free, back and breast.

Maddie Ragan won the platinum back and gold free, Avery Godbee the gold back and fly Rebecca Green the gold breast and silver IM, and Hanna Detar the silver back and bronze fly.