The Sylvan Hills Bears are playing this summer and playing with one of their own on their mind.

Upcoming junior James Danridge was diagnosed with a brain tumor last month and had surgery at Arkansas Children’s’ Hospital in mid-June to remove it.

Danridge came home on Tuesday to complete his recovery. Father James Sr. said post operative pathology reports have not come back and his prognosis is unknown at this time.

"He’s home, and home is always good," Danridge said.

Sylvan Hills coach Kevin Davis said that Danridge was to be an important player on the squad next season.

"He is such a hustle player," Davis said, "and a great kid."

Davis said Danridge who stands at 5-9 and weighs 135 pounds was always a kid that showed up ready to play.

Danridge’s father said nothing is known as far as likelihood of his son playing basketball saying that it could be six to eight months.

"We’ve still got a long road to go," Danridge said.