Sylvan Hills basketball is having a busy but productive summer.

Coach Kevin Davis has his team participating in a Tuesday night league at Little Rock Episcopal.

After a different year that didn’t include a state tournament appearance, Davis’ teaching is continuing into what could be classified as summer school.

And Davis has had good classroom size with 12-15 players at each outing.

"We’ve looked good," Davis said. "We’ve had a good turnout and we’ve got to play a lot of kids."

With the way Davis likes to play, he needs lots of kids. The Bears’ up and down, 94 feet game necessitates a deep team.

What Davis lacks, however, is size.

While there are a pair of 6-5 post players in senior David Johnson and junior Aumonie Armond.

"On paper we look like we have size," Davis said. "But if we have an injury, or foul trouble then we are a small team."

Davis said he would rely on Ronnie Hinton, a senior guard that will likely be Davis’ top scorer going into the season.

"There are so many ways he can score the basketball," Davis said. "He’s our top scorer and maybe or best player."

Nate Burchett will play an important hustle role as well.

"He can play anywhere," Davis said. "He’s just an all-purpose kind of player."

Add Cordy Winston, who was baptized as a freshman, and Davis may have the makings of a state tournament team, making summer vacation worth the work.