Things are a little different for Kevin Davis. After having arguably the state’s top player on the state’s best team, Davis has just finished a rebuilding year.

The year has been filled with challenges, not the least of which, has been a lack of experience. Davis will tell you quickly that experience in the 5A is important.

"You just don’t put a team on the floor with no experience in the 5A," Davis said. "The teams in this classification are just too good."

Davis approached this season not so much as a coach, but as a teacher, and he said time and again throughout the 2012-13 season that he relished the role change.

"This is really who we are," Davis said. "We are teachers and I welcome the opportunity to go back to that."

Obviously there were highs and lows. Getting off the bus and immediately playing a basketball game in Russellville without so much as warming up could be considered by many as one of the bizarre lows of the season.

The high could be considered a comeback road win in overtime at Helena-West Helena. Davis said that game could be a game that could not only be the highlight of a season, but could be the staple of a program in rebuilding mode.

But as the season matured, Davis became more and more encouraged. Even though the Bears won’t be in the state tournament, Davis said he feels that his club won’t be down for too long. In fact, don’t be surprised if he isn’t already thinking about the summer schedule and workload.

Even in talking to Davis in the final weeks of the season a glimmer of his excitement for the future of his basketball team showed through. He rattled off names and where they might fit. He spoke of how the depth issues he had this season could be worked out in time for next season.

Davis coaches and teaches an exciting brand of basketball, a brand that players want to play, and Davis’ teams have historically played it well.

Great coaches coach, great teachers teach and Kevin Davis does both.