Sylvan Hills head coach Kevin Davis doesn’t have much experience on his club, and it showed Tuesday night in a 57-47 loss to the Beebe Badgers.

"I hope the (video) camera worked," Davis said. "It was a great game for video work."

Beebe has four seniors, two of which are 6-5 and above that gave the Bears trouble.

But it was more about the experience that Davis’ club didn’t have rather than what Beebe did have.

"We were down nearly 20 at one point," Davis said. "We pressed them a bit and fought back. Even though I used 12, not once was there any experience on the floor."

What Davis got was a pair of 15-point performances from Ronnie Hinton and David Johnson.

While the mistakes made in Tuesday’s loss were many, they wern’t glaring according to Davis.

"They had one guard that wasn’t good with his left hand," Davis said, "and we didn’t take advantage of it. A more experienced guard would take advantage and get those turnovers."

Davis is knee deep in teaching and experimentation and is working on different combinations of players to find the best combination that is most effective and what rotation works best off the bench.

"We’ve got some JV kids that we are bringing along," Davis said.

Davis also has seven football players that have come in and the coaching staff is in the process of integrating the new faces and catching them up.

They will have a week before their next game. Malvern visits on Tuesday.

"I scheduled this on purpose," Davis said.

— Bruce Guthrie