He knew going in that it would be a different type of season.

Sylvan Hills head coach Kevin Davis isn’t front and center in Arkansas’ basketball landscape this year. He isn’t entertaining John Calipari, or Bill Self, or Roy Williams, or answering questions about the state’s top college prospect.

Davis has gone back to his teaching roots. With a long break between games, the Bears have been in the proverbial classroom.

With semester tests out of the way in the classroom, Davis’ semester test is scheduled for Friday when the Bears host the Vilonia Eagles.

"We are just so young," Davis said.

The Bears aren’t just young, they are ever adding depth. Football players, first semester ineligible players, and sophomores are adding an instructional dynamic to the mix.

"We’ve got multiple football players that we’ve got two kids that weren’t eligible in the first semester," Davis said.

The layoff being as extensive as it has, anticipation has set in within the Bears’ camp.

"It has been almost like another preseason," Davis said. "There is an excitement about what is going to happen Friday."

Davis is already seeing things that he didn’t see in last year’s group even as talented as they were.

"I look at this group," Davis said, "and I ask myself ‘why couldn’t last year’s group do that?’"

Davis said this season’s team shares the basketball and plays better as a team almost by necessity.

"Those guys (last season) didn’t trust as much as I wanted," Davis said. "They trusted each other a lot, but because of their talent could get away with not trusting what we were trying to do as much."

The teaching process is in full swing.

It continues Friday night.