The Sylvan Hills Bears have stepped into the age of technology and social media.

With the unveiling of a new Facebook page, coach Jim Withrow said his goal is to get Bears’ fans and parents more involved.

"We had a Twitter page last year and we put out game times and practice times," Withrow said. "We are a little behind, but we are getting there."

Social media isn’t the limit of the Bears’ technological endeavors, and Withrow said he recognized a while back the need to become more tech savvy.

"It’s the way it is now," Withrow said.

The man that Withrow credits for pushing the Bears into the technology realm is Bobby Smith.

"He’s great," Withrow said. "He has been a volunteer manager, and he’s more like an executive assistant."

Using the HUDL program developed in Lincoln, Neb., Withrow said game film could be cut into video highlights in a matter of hours.

"We can send it anywhere," Withrow said. "Anybody that wants it for TV shows, or whatever, we can send it."

Withrow said the quick breakdown of film can help his team strategically as well. Conceivably, coaches can break down film by formation and send clips via email for players to review as soon as the morning after games.

"We probably aren’t to that point quite yet," Withrow said, "but it’s coming."

Withrow said the need for such a tool has emerged with the evolution of the offensive game.

"It’s all about formations now," Withrow said. "Don’t have just one or two formations anymore. Our first priority now is knowing where to line up, especially on defense."

Withrow said his personal preference is to remain present on Twitter as well as other social media outlets.

"I love Twitter," Withrow said.

Stepping into the latest technology not only allows Withrow to develop game plans more efficiently, but it will allow fans a more accessible Bears’ football experience.