After spring practice, Sylvan Hills football coach Jim Withrow said the summer 7-on-7 schedule would help his team tremendously before it was over.

As it looks now, especially after a 30-13 win over Sheridan, residents of the 7A/6A-South, it appears that the Withrow’s assessment is coming to fruition.

"It’s doing a lot of good," Withrow said.

An easy explanation could be the amount of reps in an all-throwing league. That would seem to give the Bears’ secondary ample opportunity to work on coverage techniques and get to look at spread offense, much like what they have seen and will seen during the fall.

Withrow said that his defense has taken ownership of their success and have been working hard all summer despite the other opportunities in baseball and other summer activities.

"They’ve worked individually," Withrow said, "and they have all gotten better. We’ve just gotten better."

Withrow also went out of his way to express how well his quarterback is performing. The Bears have something this year that they didn’t have at the signal caller spot—stability.

Going into the 2013 season, Doss is clearly entrenched under center and has embraced his role.

"He’s made some really good throws," Withrow said. "He’s done a really good job."

Instability at quarterback could be cited for some of the early season troubles the Bears experienced mostly from a lack of consistency.

The reps that the Bears are getting on both sides of the ball are invaluable to Withrow and the development of his team.

Don’t be surprised if the dividends pay off in September and October, and quite possibly deep into November.