After a winless weekend at the Beebe Tournament, could it be that the Sylvan Hills are better?

Head coach Shelly Davis says they are, and that all they need is experience.

"We need to play more than we need to practice," Davis said.

Davis said she could see improvements that led to playing a close game over the weekend against Pulaski Robinson, a four-point loss.

"I saw some good things," Davis said, "and I saw some of the bad things."

The Lady Bears are young, and they lack depth, with only eight regular players. That puts Davis at a disadvantage. That has compelled her to find creative ways to hold scrimmages and get her players more realistic game-like experience even in practice.

Bringing in graduated players as well as scrimmaging against the Bears’ boys team has been a common theme in recent weeks.

Davis said the methods are beginning to pay off even if it doesn’t show up in the win-loss column.

"We are playing a lot better," Davis said. "We still get down when something goes bad, but it’s getting better."

There isn’t much depth, and there certainly isn’t much experience, but Davis said the young players she does have are beginning to show some heart. That may not translate to much success on the floor this year, but could pay major dividends in the next two seasons.