The Sylvan Hills Lady Bears seem to be right on schedule. In just year two of head coach Shelley Davis’ tenure, a postseason berth has been earned.

“We are right about where I thought we’d be in the beginning of the year,” Davis said.

Where they are is in fourth place with an 8-6 conference record, and less than a week away from facing a Huntsville team that Davis is very familiar with from her 14 seasons at Morrilton where Huntsville was a regular opponent.

“They’ve got good athletes over there,” Davis said. “They are fundamental. They have always been fundamental.”

While Davis is elated to still be playing Wednesday at 1 p.m. in Pine Bluff, she still has a headache to deal with. Starting point guard K.K. Fulton is still sidelined with a bruised knee and will miss Wednesday’s game.

“When it comes to the knee, you have to go to the doctor,” Davis said. “You just have to, but when you do, it’s at least two weeks.”

The medicine for the headache is Jessica Brasfield. Davis has moved her into the starting spot where she has performed admirably according to Davis in recent games.

Where the real issue could be is the backup. Ashton Neasley is talented, but she is just a freshman.

“She’s got all the talent in the world,” Davis said. “She just needs to put the mental aspect with it, and put it all together.”

Davis said the speed of the game is what Neasley will have to adjust to mostly, making quicker passes, and quicker decisions.

“She’s got a good head for the game,” Davis said. “She just needs to learn to go at the speed she needs to go.”

Davis said her team has gotten better as the season has matured, and feels good about their chances.

“We played better in the last cycle,” Davis said. “We played Little Rock Christian, and Jacksonville and Pulaski Academy better than we did in the first go around.”

Davis has long said she doesn’t necessarily just want to arrive at the state tournament and go home. She wants to make some noise.

A win over the top seed in the west would do just that.