The Sylvan Hills Lady Bears have played their first volleyball game. There is good news and bad news according to coach Harold Treadway. The bad news is a five-set loss to the Greenbrier Lady Panthers. The good news is he saw quite of bit of heart and gumption from his Lady Bears.

"I wish I had better news to give," Treadway said.

Treadway said the opening minutes of the first game was exactly what he had hoped for.

"We could not have played any better in our first game against a real tough team," Treadway said.

Treadway said his girls had been fired up to compete all day.

"They came out and that is all they could talk about at practice," Treadway said.

That good attitude carried over into a 25-17 win. They jumped out 15-10 and Treadway said he felt like his team was coming together quickly.

"I said after that first game let’s don’t revert back to that last several years," Treadway said. "Keep playing, doing exactly what you are doing. They are going to come back. They are a tough team and they are going to play hard."

The message didn’t take in game two and three. The Sylvan Hills Lady Bears dropped games two and three 20-25 and 14-25.

Treadway said his team got down emotionally in the third set.

"Here’s the old team," Treadway said. "We’ve won the first, lost the second and third."

The Lady Bears found that first set formula again and forced a tiebreaker winning 25-22. That tiebreaker went into extra points before Greenbrier made the plays the Lady Bears couldn’t and beat Sylvan Hills 16-18.

"We are up one with the chance to win," Treadway said. "They are up one with the chance to win. Back and forth."

All the Lady Bears needed was one play, but came up short.

Treadway said his kids were, for the most part, adhering to his four playing points. Play hard, smart, and as a team and have fun.

After the third set debacle, Treadway said they weren’t having fun. After bouncing back in game four, the Lady Bears had their bounce again.

"We are having fun now," Treadway said.

The Lady Bears take on a tough Lonoke team this week on the road.

"One thing about volleyball," Treadway said. "There’ not a lot of time to dwell on losses like this."