Yogi Berra once said that 99 percent of baseball is half mental.

Sylvan Hills coach Harold Treadway may be looking to channel his inner Yogi in the coming weeks as the halfway mark of the 5A-Central schedule has arrived.

The Lady Bears lost last Thursday to Pulaski Academy in a three game sweep, but turned around and beat North Pulaski in four games on Tuesday.

Treadway knew Tuesday would be tough and said so as far back as the preseason—there’s something about those county schools.

"We all have the same budgets, same resources, the same issues," Treadway said. "Seems no matter what kind of players are on our rosters, those games with county schools seem to be the toughest."

That prophecy was fulfilled on Tuesday with an extra head scratching twist.

Game one of the match at North Pulaski was close and came down to game point with the Lady Falcons up a point at 26-25.

"The ball hit the ceiling, rolled around in the rafters, and we watched it fall to the floor," Treadway said.

Treadway had already spent his clipboard flipping maneuver, and decided on simple instruction going into game two.

"I told them they had to raise their level of play," Treadway said.

Sylvan Hills won game two 25-20. In game three, the oddness continued, but on the other end of the spectrum as the Lady Bears clobbered North Pulaski 25-9.

"Where have you been?" Treadway asked his players after game three.

The Lady Bears kept the game exciting in game four winning by five once again. Treadway was happy to escape with a win, but admits that he thought his group would be a little further along at this point in the season.

"I think it’s mental toughness," Treadway said. "We have to know going out there that we are a good team."

The conference recycles next week. But first, a match with Jacksonville is in the offing. Taking care of business means a 5-2 first half record and a slot in third place.

But it is a county school, and anything can happen.