Looking at scores in the Sylvan Hills Lady Bears’ last two matches, they appear similar. But coach Harold Treadway classified wins at Little Rock Mills and Helena-West Helena very differently.

In describing a 25-19, 25-13, 25-14 win over the Lady Comets, Treadway said his team’s performance "the most complete of the season".

In Tuesday’s 25-14, 25-13. 25-18 win over Helena-West Helena, Treadway called the game "ugly".

What gives?

On Thursday, the Lady Comets got ahead 13-8 in game one after the first rotation prompting a timeout by Treadway.

"I told them if they keep this up it’s going to be a long night," Treadway said.

From there, the light came on and the Lady Bears dominated a team that they historically have trouble with on the road.

"Plus I saw where they needed five games to beat Jacksonville," Treadway said.

Little did Treadway know that the game at Mills would be the last volleyball activity his team would see before Tuesday’s match. After a normal Friday off day, CAC failed to show up for their scheduled game on Monday.

The Lady Bears showed up Tuesday naturally sluggish, but pushed through for a victory over a team that Treadway said had improved since their win at Helena earlier in the year. A perceived victory likely contributed to the Lady Bears’ sluggishness according to Treadway.

"I think we thought about the game earlier in the season," Treadway said, "but what they didn’t realize is that team got better."

"Volleyball is a funny game," Treadway said.

Never have two matches that appear so similar were so very different.