There is an air of excitement going on in the gym at Sylvan Hills. The Lady Bears’ volleyball team is expected to be pretty good this season.

But right now the Lady Bears are itching to play a game. The wears of preseason and the start of school seemed to show at the end of last week according to coach Harold Treadway.

Players showed up on Friday after Thursday night’s open house to help with teachers’ workdays. They broke before returning to practice, and Treadway said his group looked a bit worn.

Add one more day of lethargy on Monday, the first day of school, and Treadway said his team was just a bit tired.

Treadway praised his team for their dedication during the summer.

"We’ve been practicing since Aug. 5," Treadway said. "When you have girls coming in, giving up their summer when all their friends are having fun, hanging out at the pool. I’ve been pleased with how hard they’ve worked."

Assistant coach Emily Johnson has been working with the younger players as well.

"She’s been doing a great job with our junior varsity," Treadway said, "getting them prepared for senior high, with the speed of the game."

Treadway credited the work of his three seniors, whom he says has impressed him by continuing to do little things without being asked.

"There is no jealousy," Treadway said. "They encourage our varsity as well as our junior varsity players."

Treadway said three is a good number for a senior class.

"When you have more, they all want to play, and that’s understandable," Treadway said. "And when you have one or two, then a lot of the leadership burden falls on their shoulders, so three is a good number."

But now the focus is on Greenbrier, next week’s first opponent.

Treadway’s scheduling philosophy is he wants his team to be tested, and he feels Greenbrier will do just that.

"They are going to make us work," Treadway said.

The Lady Panthers have a good defense and are savvy enough on offense to make the Lady Bears work on defense as well.

Work is something the Lady Bears have been doing quite a bit of these days.