Two meets into the season, and the Maumelle Hornets have performed the best they ever have at both.

Last Saturday, the Hornets finished second in the Little Rock Minuteman and had the top two individual finishers in Carter Reynolds and Tyler Harrod, respectively. Their 15th place spot in the Memphis Twilight on Sept. 2 was also their best finish ever.

“We have a group of seniors who have trained since they were freshman,” Maumelle Coach Nick Taylor said. “They are working hard at what they are doing.”

After talking to the teams after the Memphis competition, some of the runners mentioned that at some point in the race they got complacent and gave up. Taylor decided to try a tactic at last Wednesday’s practice to help the guys be able to focus throughout the entire race.

“In Wednesday’s practice, we only gave the guys negative statements to simulate the negative thoughts during a race,” Taylor said. “We told them to fight them off, and it helped last Saturday. We were more mentally focused.”

The girls also had their best finishes in both competitions. Victoria Ortega was the top finishers in both races for the Lady Hornets.

Maumelle’s next action is Tuesday at the University of Arkansas Invitational. The Russellville Cyclone Invitational is Saturday, Sept. 23.

Little Rock Minuteman

2017 SR High Boys - 68 Degrees - 330 Finishers

2nd Place - 73 Points - 17:31.65 Average - 1:22 Spread

1st Carter Reynolds 16:46.07

2nd Tyler Harrod 16:52.17

20th Tate Whaley 17:43.43

28th Asher Hamlin 18:07.62

30th Philip Yount 18:08.94

41st Tray Odom 18:25.01

47th Logan Davis 18:30.53

51st Mac Fox 18:38.81

78th Tyler Melton 19:06.47

139th Christian Garza 20:34.56

149th Elijah Hayes 20:48.24

217th Wyatt Chandler 22:49.26

224th Craig Peck 23:05

228th Josh Williams 23:13.07

2017 SR. High Girls - 201 Finishers

12th Place - 261 Points - 24:11.63 Average - 4:41 Spread

11th Victoria Ortega 21:17.45

48th Aliah Rowe 23:50.38

49th Emme Davis 23:52.68

82nd Sierra Temple 25:58.72

83rd Jarah Edwards 25:58.91

89th Laura Jane Bentley 26:05.98

92nd Lilli Hamlin 26:11.49

113th Adley Barham 27:37.03

141st Taylor Heringer 29:18.62

145th Hannah Higgins 29:37.16

146th Bria Allen 29:42.92

147th Peytan Reynolds 29:44.70

158th Claire Luallen 30:59.90

193rd Dallyce Hardin 37:32.93

Memphis Twilight

Boys Varsity Division - 15th Place

426 Points - 17:31 Average - Spread 2:01

14th Dylan Douglas 16:26.21

42nd Carter Reynolds 17:07.07

52nd Tyler Harrod 17:12.58

166th Asher Hamlin 18:24.38

174th Tate Whaley 18:27.42

221st Logan Davis 18:55.69

222nd Tray Odom 18:56.08

Boys JV Division - 23rd Place

652 Points - 21:15 Average - 4:11 Spread

40th Philip Yount 18:56.73

60th Tyler Melton 19:19.97

263rd Bradley Miller 22:25.47

267th Raylen Miller 22:27.69

298th Alex Matthews 23:07.01

315th Wyatt Chandler 23:41.22

318th Josh Williams 23:48.62

330th Craig Peck 24:06.04

Girls Varsity Division - 38th Placec

979 Points - 24:17 Average - 5:40 Spread

82nd Victoria Ortega 21:28.43

203rd Aliah Rowe 23:48.72

212th Emme Davis 23:57.74

253rd Sierra Temple 25:02.64

306th Maggie Culp 27:08.72

307th Peyton Reynolds 27:10.91

345th Bria Allen 30:46.57

Girls JV Division - 24th Place

705 Points - 31:33 Average

113th Laura Jane Bentley 25:52.47

201st Peytan Acklin 30:41.27

213th Hannah Higgins 31:55.40

224th Betty Ramos 32:54.33

250th Dallyce Hardin 36:25.92