Though the Maumelle Hornets didn’t finish individually where they wanted in the 5A state cross country meet last Friday, they still accomplished what they wanted team-wise. For the second consecutive year and third time in four years, the Hornets captured the 5A state cross country title at Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs.

“It wasn’t our best meet, and we did not have the individual results we hoped for,” Maumelle Coach Nick Taylor said. “It was a fitting representation of the senior class. They are more concerned with team results rather than individual results.”

The Hornets tallied 47 points with DeQueen finishing runner-up with 76. Maumelle’s top finisher was Tyler Harrod in third place. Dylan Douglas was 8th while Tate Whaley placed 10th. Those three along with Victoria Ortega, who finished 6th, in the girls’ race all earned all-state honors. The Hornets’ remaining two point-finishers were Jackson Wheeler in 18th place and Tyler Melton in 20th place.

Harrod’s third-place was welcomed as Douglas hasn’t been well the past week. He was hoping for first or second and was there with 1K to go.

“It was a fitting end for this senior class,” Taylor said. “They have always been all about team. As soon as someone doesn’t have their best day someone else steps up. It has been that way for four years.”

Maumelle was invited to the Nike Regionals in Texas and the Footlocker Meet in North Carolina. Taylor said while he appreciated the invites the Hornets are going to pass and start preparing for track.

The Lady Hornets were sixth with 153 points. First place was captured by Little Rock Christian with 46 points. After Ortega, the Lady Hornets’ next finisher was Aliah Rowe in 25th place.

“Victoria didn’t have her best day,” Taylor said. “She didn’t feel well and dropped to 12th but fought back with 150 meters to go and passed three people to get sixth. Each year, the girls’ team has improved.”

2017 State Championships

Hot Springs, Oaklawn Park

Boys - 1st Place - 47 Points - 17:45 Average - 1:25 Split

3rd Tyler Harrod 16:57.5

8th Dylan Douglas 17:33.1

10th Tate Whaley 17:39.6

18th Jackson Wheeler 18:16.6

20th Tyler Melton 18:22.8

30th Philip Yount 18:51.8

37th Asher Hamlin 19:07.3

38th Tray Odom 19:07.6

Girls - 6th Place - 153 Points - 23:45 Average - 3:19 Split

6th Victoria Ortega 21:34.4

25th Aliah Rowe 23:16.2

42nd Adley Barham 24:20.8

48th Laura Jane Bentley 24:42.6

50th Emme Davis 24:53.6

63rd Sierra Temple 25:53.3

66th Lilli Hamlin 26:03.5

88th Peyton Reynolds 27:28.0