Following in his father’s footsteps, outfielder Beau Amaral signing with the Seattle Mariners was a natural progression. Rich Amaral, Beau’s dad, played with the Mariners from 1991-1998 and with the Orioles from 1999-2000. Like his father, Amaral played college ball at UCLA. Amaral was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in 2014 before being releasing last year and playing independent ball. He was signed by the Mariners on March 6. Amaral’s brother Daniel, a junior centerfielder at UCLA, was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 14th round last week. He sister, Jessica, played softball at UCLA.

What was it like being signed by the Mariners?

Ever since birth, I was a Mariners’ fan. My dad was with the Mariners when I was born, and I didn’t know anything else. I was happy to sign with anybody, but the Mariners are special. I had fun in independent ball, but you don’t want to be in that situation.

Your dad spent nine years in the minors before making it to the Big League. What wisdom has he given you?

Patience and working through God’s plan. It is a long grind with a lot of ups and downs. You don’t want to get too high or too low but to stay in the middle. I’m also taking it one day at a time and re-evaluating after every game my playing and hitting and not closing a door. You have to keep it open.

What are the qualities that make you an asset to your team?

I’m lefthanded, play good defense and bring the small game aspect to the team. At the plate, I battle and have good ball-to-strike ratio.

Because of family history, did you feel like your path needed to go the baseball route?

My dad never pressured me. Last year when I was released, he said something that stuck with me. He said he enjoyed life outside of baseball. In baseball, there are so many ups and downs, it’s grueling, and you fail a lot.

How do you feel about your career thus far?

Being released by the Reds was very tough, but it led me here which is a better opportunity. I feel good and take one day at a time.

Besides making the Big Leagues, what are your goals?

I have two classes left to graduate from UCLA and will do those online. After baseball, I want to be a fireman. I like the team concept with a group of guys in your unit.

What do you do in the off-season?

The past off-seasons I went to school every day in the Fall. I also am a leader in the Young Life group. For 13 years now, I’ve hung out with high school kids. My Young Life leader in high school made an impression on me.